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  • New Challenge for now-world – armed clash in Europe
    New Challenge for now-world – armed clash in Europe Mar 28, 2022
    After getting battered by the pandemic since 2020, supply chain chokeholds and leaps in prices, the global economy is poised to be sent on yet another unpredictable course by an armed clash on Europe’s border, Ukraine to Russian. Since 2nd world war, people cherish the peace and quiet life. Every one knows, the war means hunger, leaving and death. Not matter how, the normal human hope the government can talk on the table, instead of fighting with army. Every country is talking, they are just fighting for fair. But who give the ordinary people fair? They need to stand the lost of their life, family and even leaving country where their generation live on. The war will take away everything from those people. Maybe someone said, there are humanitarianism team to help people. But everyone can get that help, who can guarantee? “Humanitarianism is apt to be forgotten when the war goes up.” Since 1 month of armed clash, this outright attack has caused dizzying spikes in energy and food prices, fuel inflation fears and spook investors, a combination that threatens investment and growth in economies around the world. None country can prevent those effects. Although Russian is not major player in the world trade, still got shock for the whole economic world trade structure. Some one said, Russian is not like China, which is a manufacturing powerhouse and intimately woven into intricate supply chains. Well, after all effect coming out, we just know this world could not less any countries, even Russian, which is a big part of this world, not only for gas, oil, food, but also land and ocean, even sky project. After attack, this war has affected all people life and all economic countries, the world transport system makes out an extra charge for this sudden war, including sea ship, truck, train, air and express. Caused more cost on all over-sea trade. Those cost will be paid by final consumers, they are ourselves. To be an OEM garment manufacturer, our factory is also working hard to control all cost, although all materials have been increased much much than ever before. also, the life cost caused all human salary increased much, too. But also, to be a reliable supplier, we are keeping learning and providing all forecast plan to prevent any risky happen, to help the brand companies control down the increased rate. Finally, the end price will be affordable for people. If you are a apparel brand and wanna find a experienced supplier for outdoor clothing, don’t hesitate to contact with our sales. We will show you our best service and help you to deal with all problem.
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  • What will there be change of citizen outdoor activities in China after 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?
    What will there be change of citizen outdoor activities in China after 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics? Mar 05, 2022
    What will there be change of citizen outdoor activities in China after 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics? China is one of the biggest markets in the world. In last decade, China has been solved the citizen poor life condition and done much efforts to increase their incomes. At Now, most of Chinese are in great life, which high education in university, culture entertainment for all outdoor. Although the life is better and better, most of Chinese don’t play outdoor games, skiing, skateboard, and else outdoor ski games. Therefore, the outdoor gear, like outdoor jacket and outdoor facilities, are very expensive although China is a big OEM manufacturing market, most of outdoor brands are importing gears from China.   2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, it is a quite milestone for helping winter outdoor games developing in China. One forecast from news, there will be about 0.5-0.7 billion people will start the winter ski games within next one decade. Most of outdoor gear manufactured OEM factories, whom are intergrading their manufacturing ability and market survey. There will be many top outdoor brands boned from China, which is just starting from now, 2022.   Let’s see the predict come true soon.
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  • COVID lasting effect in China, Xiamen GOT HIT!
    COVID lasting effect in China, Xiamen GOT HIT! Sep 24, 2021
    China has seen a new surge in coronavirus cases, linked to a primary school in Fujian province. Initial reports suggest the outbreak could be due to a student's father, who tested positive that he backed from abroad with 9 nucleic acids and serologic tests. Very fast, officials have taken quick steps to try and contain the outbreak. Unfortunately, the nearby cities of Xiamen and Quanzhou have also been affected - with services like gyms and bars, restaurants and all public closed in Xiamen city. The both cities are with big part for apparel production and trade companies, more than 80% in FUJIAN Province. Definitely, the whole export and import economy met difficulties since COVID outbreak. Till 24th Sept, cases in Xiamen is over 200. The other cities and provinces have been ruled people from XIAMEN, QUANZHOU and PUTIAN, need to stay in quarantine for 14 days. Once the nucleic acid and serologic test is positive at 1 day before released, then people can get into the city. This point is for the Mid- Autumn Festival holidays for 3 days and coming national holidays from 1st OCT to 7th Oct. that will see millions travel across the country. Surely, the 3 cities have been made strict policies to prohibit people flowing in all place. At the other hand, Xiamen government request to do 100% citizen for nucleic acids. The cased area need to make 1 test each day, will stop test till none case happened again. And other district without case need to test 1time in 2 days, 3 rounds at least. Since outbreak happened on 13th Sept, the healthy department forecast this outbreak will be fine at end of Sept. and all normal life and production will be started about 10th Oct. Surely, this re-opening time will update according the actural cases status. As well, this outbreak pushed the government to fast the children’s vaccines. No Time for Wait. Quicker vaccine will efficiently less COVID spread in low-age party. Specially, now the virus is mutated stronger and stronger. The Stronger vaccine is also another big key step for people.
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  • Does A Clothing Manufacture Factory Willing Work With a Young Apparel Brand?
    Does A Clothing Manufacture Factory Willing Work With a Young Apparel Brand? Sep 14, 2021
    Does A Clothing Manufacture Factory Willing Work With a Young Apparel Brand? While During Such A Special Time: COVID-19 pandemic. The Great Shutdown has disproportionately affected the apparel sector. End-consumer retail sales are heavily disrupted as most shops are currently closed in many important consumer markets. For whole World, consumer apparel expenditures decreased by 90% in March 2020, with clothing sales expected to remain low in the months to come since consumers with full wardrobes regard clothing as non-essential. Online purchases can only partially compensate, if at all. From Some Organization of Survey, that online sales have declined 5% to 20% across Europe and 30% to 40% in the United States. As Apparel factories are crowded places, most countries have asked companies to close temporarily or, in case they still have to finish orders, to re-arrange production lines to respect the required distance between workers. Consequently, many clothing manufacturers had to close down - for example, 80%-90% of all factories in Madagascar, Morocco or Tunisia, India, till now 2021. China is the only choice for many brands now to produce OEM clothing with in-time delivery. People always trust: Each crisis spurs structural changes and opportunities. Structural changes are likely to accelerate, leading to further consolidation (fewer and larger brands/retailers with the financial muscles to survive the crisis). Larger buyers will deal with larger factories, therefore putting an additional constraint on micro and small businesses. To respond to this accelerating trend, small businesses need to diversify into high-value added products with small production runs and fast delivery, while further improving efficiency in producing basic items. Corporate social responsibility might also need to be adapted. Important differences in the ethical buying behavior are becoming very apparent in the way brands and retailers are either simply dropping their suppliers or trying to confront this crisis in a more collaborative manner. It is indeed time to rethink the way brands and retailers share the value along their supply chain. That starts with changing the belief of sourcing executives and buyers purchasing clothing in developing countries as well as of many manufacturers that the only way to remain competitive is to continually reduce free-on-board costs. Brands and retailers need to work together with their suppliers to offer products that consumers are willing to pay at non-discounted prices. Brands and retailers then need to share the retained value more equally with their suppliers. The present crisis will especially hit clothing manufacturers and their workers in developing countries along the value chain. However, each crisis offers opportunities if handled well: companies need to address the shortcomings that were already visible before the crisis. Brands and retailers need to embrace their suppliers as partners beyond the corporate social responsibil...
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  • To Find Right Outdoor Wear Manufacturer in China
    To Find Right Outdoor Wear Manufacturer in China Sep 06, 2021
    In this blog, we explain what you must know before importing Outdoor wear from China. In similarity to our other apparel and textiles guides, this article will give you insights into Outdoor wear manufacturing rallying points, product specifications and minimum order quantities. In addition, know about relevant technical standards, labelling requirements and more. Outdoor Wear Manufacturing Clusters in China In recent years, Chinese outdoor wear manufacturers have faced increasingly tough competition from producers in other Asian countries. Primarily, Cambodia and Bangladesh. That said, as this industry is largely reliant on technical fabrics, which are also made in China, the country maintains a strong competitive advantage. Most, exporting oriented, Outdoor wear manufacturers are located in the following cities and provinces: Xiamen, Fujian ( Our Factory city) Quanzhou, Fujian Fuzhou, Fujian Jinjiang, Fujian Shenzhen, Guangdong Guangzhou, Guangdong Suzhou, Jiangsu Wuxi, Jiangsu Hangzhou, Zhejiang Ganzhou, Jiangxi As you can see above, Outdoor wear buyers are wise to visit the southern, coastal, provinces of Fujian and Guangdong, as this is where most relevant manufacturers are based. Outdoor Apparel Tech Packs and Material Specifications China’s Outdoor wear manufacturers are OEM suppliers. Hence, you shall not expect a catalog with ready made designs for your selection. That is who our factory are. Respect buyers’ design with their thoughts.  Hence, a full Tech pack with all details are very necessary. to provide you with a Tech pack, you need to know what to include in one, when importing Outdoor wear from China: > Design Drawings > Size Table > Bill of Materials (Component List) > Material / Fiber Composition (i.e., 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex) > Weight (i.e., 240 gsm) > Yarn Count (i.e., 40 x 40) > Yarn Type (i.e., Combed) > Colors (Pantone or RAL) > Treatment (i.e., Flame Retardance) > Coating (i.e., PU Coating) > Applicable Standards and Regulations > Label Files If you don’t know how to make it, contact with our sales, whom will guide you to be professional. Minimum Order Quantity The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), in the apparel industry, is sometimes rather complicated. What many overseas importers miss, is that there’s actually more than one MOQ to keep track of. So, in order to just get to the point, I explain them all below: Product MOQ: This is the minimum number of units the supplier must produce to make a reasonable (albeit very low) profit. This MOQ is, as explained, set by the manufacturer. Size MOQ: In addition to the MOQ per product (or design), all manufacturers have some sort of minimum quantity requirement set per size. While lower than the Product MOQ, the “Per Size MOQ” can be at least half as big. Hence, an MOQ order of, say, 500 pcs, may only leave room for two sizes. Fabric MOQ: This is set by the material subcontractor. It varies often between different materials, and even subcontra...
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  • How much effect of Chinese electric power limit for external trade
    How much effect of Chinese electric power limit for external trade Nov 20, 2021
    In order to protect the earth environment, made the people of the whole world living environment better. China has started electric power limit since from middle of August. In this intense situation for electric supply. Some of factory only can production 1 day and stop production 6 days one week. Most of factory had to updated they production plan, avoid production on peak.   It is a big effect for OEM maufacture factory like us.  For time, normal, only need about 30day to wait bulk fabric and kind of accessories before. But for now, it is more 1 times than before, and very unstable. But not only material, production time and shipping time also need more time. For cost, in this big environment effect, material, worker and shipping cost has been rising. And add during terrible pandemic of COVID-19 in the world. It is double hard for us. But we didn’t have choice, in order to protect the earth environment. we need make some contributed. For this special time. We only can do that keep best product quality for our customers. Making their waiting to be worth. Also, very appreciate for our customers long time trust. We will do our best to keep top quality for every clients. And have a suggest for our client, if you have purchase plan in the near future, pleas make plan early that will be help your product delivery early. Hope our hand in hand over this hard time and our business move forward better and better.
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  • Chinese National Day
    Chinese National Day Sep 30, 2021
    Every year, October 1st is Chinese National Day, and everyone has a 7-day holiday. On October 1, 1949, Mao Zedong announced at Tiananmen: "The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China was established today", proclaiming the founding of the People's Republic of China to the world. Since 1950, October 1 of each year, the great day the People's Republic of China was proclaimed, has been the National Day of the People's Republic of China. Since its founding, China has conducted 15 military parades at the National Day celebrations. They were 11 times from 1949 to 1959 and 4 times for the 35th anniversary of the National Day in 1984, the 50th anniversary of the National Day in 1999, the 60th anniversary of the National Day in 2009, and the 70th anniversary of the National Day in 2019. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, a politically stable, economically prosperous, and socially stable China has been presented to the world. Every year on National Day, we hold large-scale celebrations and a military parade at the same time. On the morning of October 1, if there is a military parade, everyone will watch the National Day military parade celebration on TV at home. China's economy is getting better and better, and people's incomes are getting higher and higher. Now everyone chooses to travel during the National Day holiday. Because of the travel of people across the country, domestic tourism and traffic are also very congested. Because the highway is free during the National Day holiday, so on the first day of National Day, October 1st, people will encounter big traffic jams on the highway, often for several hours. When people meet before National Day, they often ask "Are you going to go out or stay at home on National Day?" Therefore, during the National Day holiday every year, the economy grows very fast. China’s economic development is not only good, but quality and technology are also constantly developing. In the past, everyone would think that made in China represents this cheap and poor quality, but now the quality of technology in China has become more and more agreed.For now, some of people in the world still have a opinion "Made In China" is not good.As professional chinese garment maker(manufacture factory), our company is using our experience and service with top quality, to create good and worthy garment for market. hope that the world economic development will get better and better, and everyone can live happily. Happy National day。
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  • Distinction Between Knits & Woven In Clothing
    Distinction Between Knits & Woven In Clothing Aug 27, 2021
    Being able to tell the difference between knits and woven is a must-have skill for any garment manufacturer, specially like us, A Professional OEM Garment Manufacturer. Whatever knits or woven, the clothing is depending on which fabric they are made of.  The shell is knits, then call it “knit clothing”. Same way for woven. There are only two basic categories where fabrics fall under: knits or woven. Getting to know these categories will help any clothing line manufacturer understand how they impact sewing and fitting concerns. This simple article aims to give you all the info you need about these fabric types and solve pattern difficulties. You should know the difference when you are in the product development process for your clothes. To identify what Fabric is Knit or Woven, the below picture will help you very well. NO Sure how to use fabric? WE CAN HELP Our clients need 1 of 2 things to get started: Original Sample showing or Product Development according sketch tech file. We can cater specifically to your needs and suggest a good starting point for your project based on the part of the new product development process you are in. If you aren’t sure, no problem! We gladly help to find your own product development strategy. Feel free to contacts us any time. For getting more information on what you might need, just click on one of the buttons below to learn more about our approach.
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  • Chinese Valentine's Day
    Chinese Valentine's Day Aug 18, 2021
    Chinese Valentine's Day began in ancient times, popularized in the Western Han Dynasty, and flourished in the Song Dynasty. It is a traditional Chinese folk festival. The ancients discovered that there are two stars in the sky that are separated by the Milky Way and are very bright. In ancient times, the division of labor between men and women weaving, so the two stars were called Altair and Vega. According to legend, every year on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl will meet at the Magpie Bridge in the sky, and because the festival is celebrated at night, this day is called the Qixi Festival. Praying for blessings and wishes, begging for skill, sitting and watching the Altair Vega, praying for marriage, storing water for Qixi Festival, visiting temple fairs, etc., are the traditional customs of Qixi Festival. After historical development, Qixi Festival was endowed with the beautiful love legend of "Cowherd and Weaver Girl", making it a festival symbolizing love, and thus it is considered to be the most romantic traditional festival in China, and it has become China's Valentine's Day. In ancient times, the Qixi Festival was an exclusive festival for pretty girls. The Weaver Girl in people’s hearts is a beautiful, clever, and ingenious fairy. Therefore, on the evening of the Qixi Festival every year, the girls face the bright moon in the sky, put up seasonal melons and fruits, perform the rituals of worshipping the sky, and beg the Weaver Girl for cleverness”I hope I can have double dexterous hands and a smart heart like the Weaver Girl, and I will live a happy life”. Every "Chinese Valentine's Day", folk women have the custom of begging for Qiao Qiao, so some people call it "Qiao Qiao Festival"; and because the main activists of this festival are women, it is also called "Hina Doll's Day". This is the most important day for girls in the past. Among the many traditional festivals, it is the most romantic festival. After continual changes, some of the many folk customs of Qixi Festival have gradually disappeared, but a considerable part has been continued by people. The Qixi Festival originated in China, and some Asian countries influenced by Chinese culture, such as Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and Vietnam, also have a tradition of celebrating the Qixi Festival. On May 20, 2006, the Qixi Festival was included in the first batch of China's national intangible cultural heritage list by the State Council of the People's Republic of China.
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  • China Cross-Border E-commerce EXPO
    China Cross-Border E-commerce EXPO Jun 12, 2021
    We Joined  at China Cross-Border E-commerce EXPO in June, 2021. To show our premium outdoor clothing with function, let more chinese sellers whom sell the produtcs  at all e-shops at Amazon, Shoppy, Wish, Wal-mart and else e-commerca platform. Recent years, China cross-border e-commerce selling is increasing very much than any industrial. Specially, in such a bad and moving-back economy, China still has a very fast going up at domestic and export&import part. Well, e-commerce ' constant growth is a very fresh and important for helping China to stand out different with other countries whom still under effects from COVI-19. According some survey from society, most of people still usually think "Made in China" is not good with very cheap price. But we trust  they will change their notion very soon. More and more chinese e-commerce sellers have realized that quality is more important than getting fast businees growing. Better quality just can help our products get aprrove by customers, better quality just can make us with a longer longer trip. So, this generation chinese peopel will make perfect quality items with "Made in China", we are pround of we are a chinese  and  pround of  we are also Made in China. Finally, our factory not only focus produce a item, but also make this item with worthy life. To with functional stretch great fitting for people. We are being a factory whom diversified performance woven clothing with top specification.
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