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World Crisis During Decade In 20s’ 21St Century Jun 07, 2022

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During 2022, there are several crisises, easily feel for all normal people in normal life. Those are affecting our life more and more, also happening in our everyday life.

1. Hunger
The threat of starvation now faces 45 million people in 43 nations around the globe.
Children in hunger hotspots in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East do not know where their next meal is coming from. Millions are living on the cusp of famine and need food urgently if they are to survive.  Dreams of defeating hunger by 2030 are seriously off track due to the conditions driving hunger, which include conflict, COVID-19 and climate change.

2. Conflict
There are now more active conflicts than at any time since 1945.
Civil and internal conflicts, insurgencies and political chaos in places such as Yemen, South Sudan, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Myanmar are driving massive displacements of people.
Globally there are now more than 82 million people living in refugee and displacement camps or away from home, creating tensions among host communities, forcing families to make dangerous journeys and opening up the vulnerable and especially women and children to trafficking gangs and exploitation.

As the world grapples with the numbers, food rations are being cut, even for refugees, to feed those who will die without help.
Well, the war between Russia & Ukraine, affect our normal life every day. Increasing life cost, Fuel for home car, high cost for food, etc.

3. Climate Change
Extreme weather is becoming common as the world warms.
Recurring droughts in East and Southern Africa and Afghanistan; flash floods in Asia and Latin America; and violent wind and fire storms that affect even wealthy countries, are destroying homes and livelihoods and creating new vicious cycles of poverty.
Rising sea levels, changing seasons and the threat of new disease outbreaks are affecting both rural and urban communities and increase tensions as water supplies shrink, food prices spikes and people abandon their homes to find security elsewhere.

4. Covid-19
Covid-19 has been affected for 3 years. Although it is still in normal life, and there is high level for infected population. But the Death rate is lower and the government has commanded all citizen to shot Vicine. Most of countries are making at 3 shots. And few countries are preparing for 4th.
People would use to live in COVID and wont scale for it like before.

The world people are learning and thinking how to solve the difficulties when meeting all above crisis which never fell in last decades.
Therefore, More and more people know what necessary request for their life, such as Function Out wear, healthy food, life fitness sport, etc.

As function technical apparel manufacturer, our factory are keeping to involve our products which more suitable, functional, technical and easy-care, easy-use.

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