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New Challenge for now-world – armed clash in Europe Mar 28, 2022
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After getting battered by the pandemic since 2020, supply chain chokeholds and leaps in prices, the global economy is poised to be sent on yet another unpredictable course by an armed clash on Europe’s border, Ukraine to Russian.

Since 2nd world war, people cherish the peace and quiet life. Every one knows, the war means hunger, leaving and death. Not matter how, the normal human hope the government can talk on the table, instead of fighting with army.
Every country is talking, they are just fighting for fair. But who give the ordinary people fair? They need to stand the lost of their life, family and even leaving country where their generation live on.
The war will take away everything from those people.
Maybe someone said, there are humanitarianism team to help people. But everyone can get that help, who can guarantee? “Humanitarianism is apt to be forgotten when the war goes up.”

Since 1 month of armed clash, this outright attack has caused dizzying spikes in energy and food prices, fuel inflation fears and spook investors, a combination that threatens investment and growth in economies around the world.
None country can prevent those effects.

Although Russian is not major player in the world trade, still got shock for the whole economic world trade structure. Some one said, Russian is not like China, which is a manufacturing powerhouse and intimately woven into intricate supply chains. Well, after all effect coming out, we just know this world could not less any countries, even Russian, which is a big part of this world, not only for gas, oil, food, but also land and ocean, even sky project.

After attack, this war has affected all people life and all economic countries, the world transport system makes out an extra charge for this sudden war, including sea ship, truck, train, air and express. Caused more cost on all over-sea trade. Those cost will be paid by final consumers, they are ourselves.

To be an OEM garment manufacturer, our factory is also working hard to control all cost, although all materials have been increased much much than ever before. also, the life cost caused all human salary increased much, too.
But also, to be a reliable supplier, we are keeping learning and providing all forecast plan to prevent any risky happen, to help the brand companies control down the increased rate. Finally, the end price will be affordable for people.

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