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  • BETA International Equestrian Trade Show Aug 19, 2023
    Are you an equestrian enthusiast looking for the latest trends, innovations, and everything related to the world of horses? Look no further than the BETA International Equestrian Trade Show held annually in the United Kingdom. This prestigious event has become a highlight in the equestrian calendar, attracting industry professionals, riders, and horse lovers from around the globe. In this blog pos...
  • Transparent Plastic Waterproof Zippers Of Outdoor Jacket Jun 16, 2023
    Waterproof zippers are widely used in outdoor gear and apparel to prevent rain, snow, and other moisture from penetrating through the gaps between zipper teeth. Normally,waterproof zipper is nylon material , it has good waterproof function for outdoor clothing. Due to functional limitations then outdoor wear it looks not very fashion. to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of waterproof ...
  • outdoor wear Jun 03, 2023
    As the weather gets colder, many people turn to outdoor activities to keep themselves active and healthy. A key component of any outdoor ensemble is a good quality outdoor jacket. A well-designed outdoor jacket can keep you warm, dry, and protected from the elements while also being lightweight and comfortable to wear. There are many different styles and designs of outdoor jackets available on the...
  • Quickly Work With Manufacturer At The Beginning Sample Stage Feb 24, 2023
    Now more and more people like clothing in especial design. According to trend of the times, more and more small brands are growing up.They have very good idea, and very excellent designed products. we are very pleasure to help them to grow up as it should be, so have some advise as below to push work more fast: 1.    once you finished your product design, you can look manufacture wh...
  • Winter Fleece Wear Project
    Winter Fleece Wear Project Sep 26, 2022
    As the weather gets colder, the demand for sweaters heats up! Here’s a primer on the world of fleece. “fleece” is referring to a wide variety of fabrics. Here, we’re breaking down the different types of fleece fabric so you have a better idea of which fleeces are best suited to your projects. Fleece Basics So what constitutes a fleece fabric? Fleece fabrics are knit, and then at least one side is ...
  • How To Start Own brand Business For Technical Function Apparel?
    How To Start Own brand Business For Technical Function Apparel? Jun 23, 2022
    How To Start Own brand Business For Technical Function Apparel?  In such a complex and changing world market, people’s needs are also changing. People know more what he want for everything in life than any time ever. So, there are many people are not satisfied for existing choice. Also, the old brands don’t like import from agent, it was too slow to make quick action. Well, shorter the line f...
  • How to define Biking vs. Cycling
    How to define Biking vs. Cycling Mar 18, 2022
    How to define Biking vs. Cycling BEFORE DOING BIKING OR CYCLING SPORT, EVERYONE NEED TO PREPARE GEARS, FOR EXAMPLE, CYCLING SPORT CLOTHES AND BICYLE VEHICLES. Bicycle aficionado or not, you’ve probably encountered the terms ‘biking’ and ‘cycling’ many times. Biking and cycling normally involves the same thing – a bicycle. If these two words supposedly have interchangeable meanings, then why do som...
  • Belt and Road-China's Grand Idea For The 21st Century
    Belt and Road-China's Grand Idea For The 21st Century Dec 17, 2021
    (To Build a Rapid Transport Road between Asia – Africa – Europe) The New Silk Road: Its very name harkens the distant past, conjuring whatever the imagination might bequeath, of empires and riches of a mythic past. China’s grand idea for the 21st century would connect Africa, Asia, and Europe through cyberspace and physical space, promising prosperity and innovation. One Belt, One Road, or Belt an...
  • What is Ethical Sustainable GRS Outdoor Clothing?
    What is Ethical Sustainable GRS Outdoor Clothing? Sep 14, 2021
    It is no secret that the clothing industry has much shocking impact on the environment. But, did you know, it’s actually the second largest polluter in the world, only being topped by oil? In terms of carbon emissions, as an industry, it actually causes more harm than both international flying and maritime shipping combined. Pretty crazy, right? Outdoor pursuits and lifestyles require lots of adve...
  • The outdoor Apparel Industry is becoming a leader in fashion
    The outdoor Apparel Industry is becoming a leader in fashion Sep 06, 2021
    Outdoor apparel brands are doing some things right to meet consumers’ needs that may have little to do with pure functionality. This article will offer a quick look at three of the reasons why outdoor apparel is leading in the fashion world. Fashion apparel sales are down more than 5% in the United States overall, according to research by NPD Group Inc. But, there is one category of apparel that c...
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