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COVID lasting effect in China, Xiamen GOT HIT! Sep 24, 2021
China has seen a new surge in coronavirus cases, linked to a primary school in Fujian province.

Initial reports suggest the outbreak could be due to a student's father, who tested positive that he backed from abroad with 9 nucleic acids and serologic tests.

Very fast, officials have taken quick steps to try and contain the outbreak.
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Unfortunately, the nearby cities of Xiamen and Quanzhou have also been affected - with services like gyms and bars, restaurants and all public closed in Xiamen city. The both cities are with big part for apparel production and trade companies, more than 80% in FUJIAN Province. Definitely, the whole export and import economy met difficulties since COVID outbreak.

Till 24th Sept, cases in Xiamen is over 200.

The other cities and provinces have been ruled people from XIAMEN, QUANZHOU and PUTIAN, need to stay in quarantine for 14 days. Once the nucleic acid and serologic test is positive at 1 day before released, then people can get into the city.
This point is for the Mid- Autumn Festival holidays for 3 days and coming national holidays from 1st OCT to 7th Oct. that will see millions travel across the country.
Surely, the 3 cities have been made strict policies to prohibit people flowing in all place.

At the other hand, Xiamen government request to do 100% citizen for nucleic acids. The cased area need to make 1 test each day, will stop test till none case happened again. And other district without case need to test 1time in 2 days, 3 rounds at least.

Since outbreak happened on 13th Sept, the healthy department forecast this outbreak will be fine at end of Sept. and all normal life and production will be started about 10th Oct.
Surely, this re-opening time will update according the actural cases status.

As well, this outbreak pushed the government to fast the children’s vaccines. No Time for Wait.
Quicker vaccine will efficiently less COVID spread in low-age party. Specially, now the virus is mutated stronger and stronger. The Stronger vaccine is also another big key step for people.

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