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What are different about Outdoor wear, Active wear, Sport wear Jul 31, 2021

Regards Outdoor wear, Active wear, Sport wear.

What are different about them?


falling under the broader category of activewear, is manufactured for sports-specific activities. They are tailored to complement the safety requirements, comfort requisites and practicality necessities of athletes, outdoor game buffs, or for just about anyone who would want to be involved in physical hobbies and exercise. Sportswear collections include protective gear, footwear and other specialized garments that are usually of lightweight nature and of guaranteed durability.

Sportswear is sports specific, designed specifically for sports purposes. Sportswear are more focused on comfort, functionality, and thermal functions of a fabric. It needs to have certain functions, thermal properties, comfort, specific fabric weight, and many other properties to suit different sports.

E.g swimming, many clothes have water resistant qualities. there are some spandex on the cloth to make them stretch with the body; others have thermal qualities for the purpose of keeping the body of the athlete warm in cold situations and cool in warm situations.

Sports gear is also included in sportswear. For example, trainers, helmets, American football armor for the body are also a part of sportswear. Sportswear includes: polo shirts, leotards, wet suits, sports bras, etc. The main function of sportswear is to specifically suit a particular sport along with its protective gear. Sometimes some sportswear serves as a uniform for particular sports. For example, the sportswear for martial arts like karate is very different from any other clothes.

Outdoor wear

Outerwear is clothing worn outdoors, or clothing designed to be worn outside other garments, as opposed to underwear. It can be worn for formal or casual occasions, or as warm clothing during winter. Or suitable for some outdoor sports with some functionality

E.g. skiing sports, you need to choose warm, breathable and waterproof clothes

This type of performance wear keeps rain from getting through to your skin, while also moving sweat back through to the outside world. keep you warm and dry when you sport.

Active wear

Active wear clothes are clothes that serve the purpose of an active life mixed with a casual social life; they can be used for exercising and then also suite for casual wear. Active wear clothes have more flexibility and style along with functionality and comfort. Crafted in a manner that provides maximum comfort, incredible style and absolute function and thus providing flexibility of use for various purposes. keeps people comfortable and functional as well as stylish.
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