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What kind of sportswear are girls wearing fashionable and beautiful? Jun 05, 2021

In recent years, China's sports and fitness industry has developed rapidly. Large and small fitness clubs are blooming everywhere, and at least one fitness store in the mall has gradually begun to become standard.

It is precisely because of the development of the sports fitness industry that it also brings a relative fashion culture of fitness sports. The fashion culture of sports and fitness generally refers to the type of sports and the wear of sports clothing. But in most cases, it refers to the content of sports and fitness fashion.

We can easily find people wearing sportswear in the streets and alleys. This is because today's fitness clothing has begun to add a lot of fashion elements. It makes people who like sports and fashion ecstatic. In this way, not only can you be in good shape to exercise, but it can also be fashionable to walk on the street.

1. Choice of style

Strapless straps: The style of the top is basically sports-oriented. So their backs are designed to be very breathable and have a sense of design. For example, a suspender-style top must be a tight-fitting style. People with a lot of fat on the upper body may be difficult to control. The girl she likes is about to weigh her upper body condition. Or you can choose to add a workout active jacket outside, which is also a good choice to cover the meat. After all, most people who go to fitness should be imperfect or overweight. This can hide the meat and bring out a sense of fashion at the same time.

workout active jacket

Tight Sports Vest: The style of the tight-fitting vest is also very fashionable. It can be a pure white zipper style, or a black style with a sense of perspective, or a style with prints on it. Usually these fitness clothing will be sold in the form of suits. However, we can also choose other suitable colors and styles of trousers according to the color of the top. In fact, the choice of active sports pants is nothing more than long or shorts. The length of the shorts is usually about ten centimeters above the knees, so that the joints can move freely during exercise. The style of trousers is generally cropped trousers, and the length reaches a little above the ankle. If they are paired with sports shoes, they will look even higher.

Tight Sports Vest

2. Stacking of sportswear

It’s not just some casual clothes on the street that can be stacked, but sportswear is the same. Usually, the layering of sportswear will be a matching jacket, or a short top, or a sweater. Choose shades of contrast as much as possible, which can highlight the sense of hierarchy and is very fashionable.

3. The matching of sportswear

The matching of sportswear is mainly to look at the style first, and then look at the color. Style is the type of top or pants, such as long-sleeved, short-sleeved, split ends, strapless, etc. Color is the hue of a single product of sportswear, the color that we can see with the naked eye, and generally we will follow the principle of neighboring colors. The matching of adjacent colors can give the vision a more comfortable sense of pleasure, and the colors are too exciting and jumpy will cause visual fatigue and make people uncomfortable.

Individually designed sportswear, you must pay special attention to your body condition when choosing a style, and you should not be numb to pursue fashion trends. Otherwise, it is a fashion trend to wear it on others, and it may look very dirty on you. The first condition of fitness is your own physical and mental pleasure, so that you can easily persist. Dress yourself up in a trendy fashion, and you can be more beautiful and handsome while exercising. Be a happy and stylish bodybuilder and sports enthusiast!

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